Anyone who’s driven a Mercedes-Benz knows that there is something truly special about the cars and SUVs that bear the Silver Arrow emblem. However, like any other vehicle, regular maintenance is required to ensure that your experience remains top notch throughout your ownership of the vehicle. At BM Motor Cars, we’re here to help Mercedes-Benz drivers in New Brunswick, NJ handle the routine maintenance for your Mercedes-Benz vehicles so you can enjoy driving them for years to come.

Oil and Filter Changes

The most important routine service you can perform on any vehicle, let alone a Mercedes-Benz, is the oil and filter change. There are a variety of reasons that combine to make an oil change a critical component of your vehicle’s health, including the thermal breakdown of oil over time. Even the best synthetic oil will lose its ability to properly lubricate your engine over time. Every time you drive, your oil heats up and cools off again, and these repeated heat cycles cause it to break down. When this happens, it can’t properly coat the fast-moving metal parts inside your engine, causing rapid head build up and physical wear that will take down even the best-engineered engines on the market. Ensuring your oil is refreshed on schedule will help keep your engine healthy and happy for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Your oil filter matters as well, as this is what helps keep contaminants from moving through your engine and causing damage to those critical internal parts. However, your oil filter can only sift out so much, and when it becomes saturated it will lose its ability to capture any new particles. Over time this can cause physical wear and sludge inside your engine, the latter of which blocks passageways and prevents oil from reaching important areas of your engine.

Alignment Service

Your tires are the only component of your vehicle that touches the road, and as such they play a major role in how your vehicle drives. A misaligned suspension can cause all manner of problems including vibrations, extended stopping distances, unpredictable handling, and generally poor ride quality. Even worse, it will accelerate the wear of your tires, costing you big money over time. By having your vehicle aligned at least once a year, you’ll keep your Mercedes-Benz handling like a dream, and you’ll ensure the life of your tires to keep more money in your pocket. With our modern measurement tools we can precisely dial in the alignment of your Mercedes-Benz model to give you the like-new ride quality you love.

Brake Inspection and Repair

Much like your alignment, you should have your brakes checked at least once a year as well, although a better rule of thumb is to have them inspected with every other oil change. Your brakes are critical to the safety of your vehicle, but they also go through a lot of heat and friction to help slow you down. These extreme conditions can cause parts to wear out and fail occasionally, so keeping up with brake inspections is an important part of the safety of your vehicle. And of course, if you ever notice a vibration, grinding, squealing, or pulling while you apply pressure to the brakes, it’s time to pay us a visit to have your brakes repaired. Whether it’s a worn brake pad or a more serious issue, the safety of your Mercedes-Benz is always important to maintain.

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